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Diversified application of container houses

2019-02-26 11:07:02 views:944

I. Container student apartment

For many schools, the number of students enrolled each year is difficult to determine, or increase or decrease. The construction of too many dormitory buildings may be idle when there are few people, which not only causes waste of resources, but also takes up a lot of The land, so you can use the container house to solve this problem very well.

For example, the Zhuhai City Vocational College built China's first 10,000-square-meter container student apartment. The apartment looks similar to an ordinary brick-concrete structure, painted in dark red, and each house has a Separate small balcony. This kind of container house building adopts international standard container, has high strength, the bearing capacity reaches 1.7 tons per square meter, the earthquake resistance reaches 8th grade, the wind resistance reaches the level 10 requirement, if there is mudslide and other serious nature Disasters, containers can also guarantee the personal safety of students to a certain extent. Each room has 15 square meters and generally accommodates two people, each with a separate washroom. This type of building can greatly reduce the amount of construction waste and decoration waste. This container house student apartment can not only solve the practical problems faced by the school, but also be unique in the development of low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and circular economy.

2. Temporary resettlement housing after the disaster

The use of container houses as resettlement houses can mainly be used to transport disaster relief materials in containers, and can also be converted into temporary dwellings after unloading the goods, taking into account the temporary residence of the victims and the transportation of disaster relief materials.

For example, after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, the Mianyang Sixth School building was successfully built and delivered by a 52-container container that was transformed into Asia's largest container school. After the use of international standard containers, a total of 26 rooms of the same size were created, each of which consisted of two containers. It took only 56 days from the choice of shape, design planning, production and transportation, assembly to final construction. Temporary classrooms have been built, and the service life is up to 15 years, and can also be recycled. The school building also has good earthquake resistance, fire and wind resistance, cold insulation and heat insulation, ensuring the safety of the school building.

Therefore, the container house can be used to build houses and battlefield hospitals in the disaster area. It can be quickly built and then rescued. The casualties of the personnel will be reduced, and the disaster relief work will be more calm.

Third, public buildings

The most important thing to apply a container house to a public building is that it can be relocated. It needs to be partially modified. It can be replaced with a new one. It is convenient to remove it and rebuild it in a different place.

The most famous building should belong to Japan's nomadic museum. The container house building is made up of 152 containers. All the building materials are renewable resources. The most important pillars and roofs are waste paper and vinyl. The Nomadic Museum is an art gallery that can be moved to the United States, New York, Japan, Tokyo, Mexico and other countries. It transports only 37 essential containers and lightweight structural materials in one place, and the external walls are taken locally, and the waste containers provided by the visiting cities are staggered.

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