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Container transportation relationship

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The main parties involved in container transportation are: non-vessel carriers, actual container carriers, container leasing companies, container yards and container freight stations.

Container Yard

1. NON-VESSEL OPERAtiNG COMMON CARRIER: NVOCC: They specialize in cargo collection, unpacking, inland transportation and operation of transit stations or inland stations. They can have actual transportation tools or not. have. For the real shipper, he is the carrier, and for the actual carrier, he is the shipper. Usually, the non-vessel carrier should be subject to the laws of the host country and registered with the relevant government departments.

2. ACTUAL CARRIER: A carrier who masters transportation and participates in container transportation. Usually there are a large number of containers to facilitate the turnover, transfer, management of containers and the connection between containers and vehicles.

3. CONTAINER LEASING COMPANY: A new industry specializing in container leasing business.

4. Container yard (CONTAINER YARD: CY): refers to the place where the container heavy or empty container loading, unloading, transshipment, storage and handover are handled.

5. CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION (CFS): It is a place to deal with LCL cargo. It handles the transfer of LCL cargo. After stowage, it transports the box to CY and accepts the imported container delivered by CY. Unpacking, tally, custody, and ** are assigned to each consignee. At the same time, it is also possible to carry out business such as sealing and issuing station receipts according to the entrustment of the carrier.

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