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What are the advantages of container transformation?

2019-02-26 11:10:07 views:948

First, build an independent module

The second-hand container will use the overall construction when it is rebuilt. When it is built, it will be built by one module and then form a simple house. Now the manufacturers will adopt the batch production mode and need to follow each piece. The structure is strictly produced according to the size to carry out on-site lifting, and the container becomes a variable function space through different combination modes.

Second, the cost is lower

This kind of second-hand container will have different prices according to different sizes. The price factor is a very important embodiment of the container transformation. Now the market price of container transformation is relatively low and the lower price can attract customers. The quality and quality of second-hand containers at affordable prices are acceptable for the construction of homes, and the market for second-hand containers is now lower.

Third, energy saving and environmental protection

The current second-hand containers can be reused to reduce the amount of garbage produced by the construction of the house. This can also have an environmental protection effect to reduce environmental pollution. Now China's sustainable development strategy is consistent with the advantages of container transformation. Reliable second-hand containers are much quicker and easier to assemble containers, reducing dust and noise pollution.

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