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What are the uses of the container?

2019-02-26 11:10:44 views:949

First, as a transportation vehicle and warehouse

These second-hand containers need to pass certain tests after refurbishment. If they can pass the test, they can be reused as transportation vehicles. This transportation vehicle does not need to be declared separately when re-exporting, and it can also be used as a warehouse to deal with some. Sudden and timely orders, as a temporary warehouse, can be returned at any time and are also very flexible and convenient to apply.

Second, as a recycling of scrap metal

The quality of these container metals can be produced after a series of inspections at the time of production, so that the metal can be reused. The metal of the used container has a certain weight and the good quality container can be recycled into other metals after recycling. Materials, the metal quality of reliable second-hand containers can be better protected in terms of recycling.

Third, transform into a second-hand container house

In addition to the above purposes, the transformation of the container can make the container space spacious and sturdy to realize the multi-functional container. The second-hand container can also be transformed into a second-hand container house and used as a living room and office room, and the price is affordable. The quality of second-hand containers can guarantee a longer period of time for their use. For example, many containers in foreign countries have been transformed into houses and villas for people to live in.

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